An introduction to the Barossa

I recently visited the Barossa Valley wine region in South Australia with my best friend Lexi as a belated birthday treat. The overall experience was filled with wine, picturesque countryside and good company. After eating a big hotel brekky at The Playford on the North Terrace in Adelaide’s CBD, our tourguide and driver, Steve, from... Continue Reading →


Aubrey loves: Serial

I confess, I have a new obsession. It's not a doughnut, shoes or a TV show, or rather it is a show of some kind. It's Serial. A podcast where we unfold one non-fiction story, week by week, over the course of a season. Narrated by Sarah Koenig, a journalist, she focuses on the 1999... Continue Reading →

Aubrey loves: Woodduck Press

For the past two months, I've been visiting the popular Creswick Market and have found some great local businesses making wonderful things such as Bisk-Art, Blackbird Lane Designs and High Voltage Lamps to name a few. One of my favourite finds is Daylesford business, Woodduck Press.  Woodduck Press is a boutique letterpress design and print... Continue Reading →

Aubrey loves: Made by Morton

In this edition of Aubrey loves I would like to introduce you to Made by Morton. Made by Morton's creator, Lauren Morton, lives by the motto 'live life in colour', and her bright and beautiful hand crafted jewellery speaks for itself. Lauren uses oven-hardening modelling clay, fimo, to create her colourful beads. Lauren creates necklaces, rings,... Continue Reading →

Aubrey loves: Jasmine Dowling

Fashion blogger, graphic designer and typographer, Jasmine Dowling, has created a cult following on Instagram (at last count she had 78k+ followers) thanks to her unique style of writing. I stumbled across Jasmine's work many months ago and have been following her social media accounts ever since. I was thrilled when Jasmine released a second... Continue Reading →

Aubrey loves: Doughboys Doughnuts

It's true. I'm in love with a doughnut. Specifically, Doughboys Doughnuts. I first fell in love with these delectable (and ultimately no good for my waist, hips, thighs or butt) delights via my favourite social media medium, Instagram. The guys at Doughboys create hand-forged doughnuts made with only the finest quality ingredients. No two doughnut is... Continue Reading →

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