Cafe of the week: Seddon Deadly Sins

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 1.00.10 PMSeddon – where on earth is Seddon? Well, it’s next to Footscray and Yarraville and it’s one inner western suburb of Melbourne that is definitely worth visiting. If you’ve been keeping up with my ‘Cafe of the week’ posts then by now you’ll know that I frequent this suburb and love visiting its cafes. IMG_2621

This week I headed to a cafe that I actually had never been to but had walked past many times. This week’s cafe of the week is Seddon Deadly Sins Cafe.

I was initially surprised by the size of the place. To me, it seemed as though there was seating outside and inside the small cafe. But to my delight, there was an outdoor garden with plenty more space and tables for patrons on a busy Saturday morning.

I ordered a latte, while everyone else ate brekky such as toast, museli and a big brekky. My niece had a bubba chino served in a tiny milk jug (cute). IMG_2614

Coffee was smooth and enjoyable. My boyfriend said his big brekky hit the spot. We will definitely be back to enjoy the cafe and its garden.

Seddon Deadly Sins
148 Victoria St, Seddon
(03) 9689 3092



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