Cafe of the week: Cobb Lane

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Last week I babysat my niece, Esme, for two days and wanted to check out Yarraville bakery/cafe, Cobb Lane which was just a short walk from my brother’s home in Seddon.

Es sipping on the last of her bubba cino

Arriving at Cobb Lane on a sunny Tuesday morning, I was greeted by friendly staff and was helped out with a baby seat for Es and ordered a latte, bubba cino and pain au chocolat. I like my chocolate croissant warmed up and Cobb Lane don’t normally do this but they happily warmed up my croissant.

Es and I had a great time enjoying our drinks, in gorgeous blue cups, and sharing the croissant (no chocolate for bubba). I couldn’t resist taking home a couple of beautiful doughnuts for my brother and his partner. We tried the cookies ‘n’ creme and the raspberry lychee jam with rosewater custard doughnuts. Delish!

The friendly waitress was even kind enough to keep an eye on Es for me as I bursting for the loo – how do parents do it when they are alone?

Raspberry lychee jam w/ rosewater custard and cookies 'n' creme doughnuts
Raspberry lychee jam w/ rosewater custard and cookies ‘n’ creme doughnuts

We ventured back to Cobb Lane the next day and shared another croissant, this time a plain one, and Es yet again made some more friends…gosh, the amount of times I had to tell people during those two days, “No, she’s not mine, she’s my niece.” I also may or may not have purchased another doughnut. Cheeky, but you only live once.

Cobb Lane also has beautiful breakfasts, brunches and freshly made bread available for purchase.

Cobb Lane
13 Anderson St
Yarraville Vic 3013
Open Tuesday – Sunday
Telephone 03 9687 1538


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