Education Mentors Needed

By Aubrey Hamlett

The North Melbourne Football Club’s community initiative, The Huddle is seeking volunteer educational mentors.

With term four of the school year getting close, now is the perfect time for younger people to get involved in the initiative.

Volunteers will be required to work at The Huddle for a minimum of two hours per week during a 10-week school term according to The Huddle’s program development manager Sarah Bourke.

Bourke said the initiative greatly relied on volunteers, and its programs are developed in consultation with the local community and around their needs.

‘What is unique is that all Huddle programs are innovatively designed to foster the participants’ sense of individual identity and self-esteem, a sense of place and belonging,’ Bourke explains.

She said the aim of an educational mentor was to act as a positive role model, actively encourage learning and participants potential, and where they can, help with English reading and writing skills.

The Huddle provides programs targeted at young people from ages nine to 25-years-old from different cultural and language backgrounds.

Providing a comfortable and safe environment to study in, access to the internet and subject specific tutoring, educational mentor volunteers will be able to help a young person achieve their goals.

The Huddle’s website explained that volunteer educational mentors are ‘a tutor to share knowledge and as a coach who encourages the learner to consolidate what they know and set goals for further learning.’

The North Melbourne Football Club and The Huddle are aiming to become more ‘relevant’ to their community and assisting young people to feel part of that community.

Located at the Kangaroos headquarters, volunteers will be working with youth from North Melbourne and, areas such as Kensington, Flemington, West Melbourne, Port Melbourne and Docklands.

In August, The Huddle was recognized for its work in the community at The Celebration of African Australians National Awards. The Huddle was awarded for its outstanding sport and educational programs involving the North Melbourne community and surrounding areas.

For further information or to volunteer, please contact Sarah Bourke.


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