Today I will dedicate my blog to a magazine who has been in my life for 7 years.

Magazine, no more like a friend.

I have religiously bought Cosmopolitan magazine at the start of every month for the past 7 years. I have never had a subscription (although I think I should), but I get a kick out of remembering it’s the 1st of the month & making my way to my local newsagents or supermarket.

I have kept every issue and just the other week my mother suggested I throw them out. I replied with a stern “no.”

I should have told her what she spoke of was blasphemy.

Yes girls and boys, I was reading Cosmo when Mia Freedman was editor (Who is this lady? Educate yourself & read

 I bought my first issue of Cosmo in september 2004. My sister told me to do it. I remember hesitating but bought it anyway. Mum was with my dad in the UK. What my sister says, goes. Of course the taboo topic of ‘oral sex’ was huge and was subsequently was covered up with a sticker while on sale for the rest of the month.

Don’t get me wrong I ALWAYS judge the front cover, despite the fact I will buy it anyway. Some of my least fave front covers were Vanessa Hudgens and Fergie (Fergie was way too airbrushed, sorry Cosmo!)

Although I have been reading Cosmo for so long, I have no doubt seen it all. Yes, every sex, is your vagina normal?, eroctic fantasies, what’s in his pants sealed section I have read.

When reading Cosmo I also fell in love with Zoe Foster’s beauty column. Although I will admit that I am not as into beauty as some people *coughzoecough* I really enjoyed reading about when she cut her hair to a shoulder length bob and then when she got hair extensions.

Zoe left Cosmo for a couple of years (I was devastated) but sometimes a girl can’t resist and she has returned as Cosmo’s own ‘Carrie’ dishing up relationship advice each month. Zoe’s column is always helpful and entertaining.

I don’t know what it is that makes me excited about Cosmo. Some issues are great, hit the mark and satisfy my every need. With articles on celebrities, relationships for the single girls, career & topless men stuff. And some issues are just a bit…blah or contain too much couplely stuff (sorry loved up couple girls).

I always love a good photo shoot to tell me what I should be wearing. And I love it when they include a ‘plus’ size model in a swimwear shoot (she’s really just normal size) for the girls out there who aren’t stick thin (like me).

I suppose my only complaint is when Cosmo does a ‘footy’ spread, there are never enough AFL players. I’d love a photo shoot with just AFL players (with lots of Geelong boys in there!). I recently tweeted acting ed, Jessica Parry asking for a feature on rugby. I turns out that they have that already in the works and I might get to see my favourite Rebels player, Nick Phipps in the mag! Ah dreamy!

Well, 7 years on and I’m only 22 but I can’t imagine not buying Cosmo in the future. I wonder if there is an age where I can’t buy it?

35? 40? 60? 93?

Maybe if I feel I’m too old, I can always steal my daughter’s copy*.

Thanks Cosmo!

my ‘Cosmo’ stack in my bedroom








*when I have a daughter old enough to read Cosmo..of course!


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