the (melbourne) quiz

i’ve always wanted to take this quiz – from the age’s melbourne mag.

Best thing about Melbourne? It’s diverse suburbs. Being in dense suburbia then 15 minutes later you’re in the bush.

Worst thing? Trains, taxis, pushy people when ordering coffee/lunch

Best takeaway? Leelavadee in Templestowe. Great Thai food!

Best coffee? Gasolina in South Melbourne

Best restaurant? Pizza Espresso in Lower Templestowe

Where do you get your hair cut? Elliott Steele in Ivanhoe

Where do you live and why? Eastern suburbs, my parents bought this house in 1977 & have never moved.

Tram or train? Tram because it takes me to the footy. Train because it takes me everywhere else.

What do you do for fun? Shopping, eating, travelling, listening to music, taking my dog for a walk by the yarra, attending the footy.

Who do you barrack for? Geelong Cats, Melbourne Rebels and Melbourne Storm (and sometimes the Melbourne Demons, Richmond Tigers and North Melbourne Kangaroos).

Where did you go to school? MLC

Labor or liberal? Liberal. Johnny years, those were the days.

Neil Mitchell or Jon Faine? Neither, I’d rather listen to music.

Portsea or Lorne? Eastcoast – Sorrento, Blairgowrie…Dromana..Rosebud..Portsea.

Drop-punt or torpedo? Do I look like I can kick a footy?

Top three apps? iTorch4, tramTracker & all of my footy apps

Describe Melbourne in three words: Footy, food & black


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