Rebel Who?

Definetly not going to start an addiction to crack. Addicted to journalism.

Last night under the advice of Gav Norman from the Rebel Army suggested I submit my article to The Roar.

So I did at roughly 9pm last night and by 5.11am this morning my article went live.

I never imagined that my first published article would:

a. be about sport

b. rugby union

c. a team of ‘rebels’

I went to bed last night thinking I had ruined my chances of being published on the exclusive upstart website not knowing that The Roar would publish my article – hopefully upstart will publish an article I write in the future as it is still one of my goals. On Friday I will attend the Rebels V Force game and plan to ‘stand’ (not sit) with the Rebel Army (with my match day program, note pad & pen in hand).

To view the article:

It has now reached over 100 comments, 44 facebook ‘recommends’ and 12 ‘cheers’.

I would like to think that the majority of those comments were from people who actually read my article in its full form. But alas, the title of the article “Rebels can do what the AFL can’t – unite Victoria” attracted the most attention & probably made a lot of people scoff at the idea = lots of comments.

My article’s title was “Rebel Who?” which probably would not have gained the attention if it had been published under that name. & for the record – it’s not a cash for comment story!


3 months ago, I approached my journalism lecturer and told her my idea about writing my feature assignment on AFL vs. Rugby Union. At the time I knew nothing about rugby union, I had only heard about the Melbourne Rebels because flyhalf Danny Cipriani kept appearing in the social pages with footballers & articles about his off field behaviour were being written in the sporting pages of the Herald Sun & The Age. My lecturer told me that if I were to write the story, I would have to attend a Rebels game. The Rebels were playing the Hurricanes on the 25th of March. Geelong was playing that night against St. Kilda. It was the first round of the 2011 AFL season.

I made a choice. I went to the Geelong match and watched the Cats win by the smallest of margins against St Kilda. Across the road at AAMI Park, the Rebels beat the Hurricanes 42-25. If I could have my time again, I probably still would have chosen to attend the Cats game.

I then attended two Rebels matches with my father, against the Highlanders and The Reds. I couldn’t help but join in the Rebel chants started by the Rebel Army.

When I sat down to write my feature story on a Saturday afternoon in May, I tossed around the idea of comparing the Gold Coast Suns vs. Melbourne Rebels – Danny Cipriani vs. Gary Ablett Jnr – the foreign star powers lured to a new team in a state where the other sporting codes ruled.

I always knew that I wanted to get whatever I wrote that day published. It’s been one of my goals this year to get an internship in the media industry and to get published. I made these goals during one of my first tutes of the semester. So far, I have started an internship at Milkk PR and have now had my first article published on The Roar.

I was surprised to find that in my broadcast journalism tute, 4 out of 25 students raised their hands when asked if they had had any experience in the media industry/currently working/has an internship etc. 4 out of 25 raised their hands. These were final year students. I suppose I am lucky in some respect as I am behind in my studies and have 1.5 years to go. I should be in my final year, but due to dropping subjects and taking a semester off, I have the luxury of gaining experience while I am still at university.

The majority of the 25 students in my class that day also admitted that they did not know what they wanted to do when they finished their course in 9 months. I am not entirely set on who I want to work for – I just want to write for the media, whether it be for a magazine, newspaper, online publication or PR company.

For years I have dreamed of being a columnist for Cosmo – a la Zoe Foster. One of my long term goals is to get one article published in Cosmopolitan magazine.

In the past 3 years I have had an increased interest in sports. This year I have watched between 9-15 hours of AFL per weekend, including attending a game. When I told my friend this, he said I had a problem and called me an addict.

I don’t know where my Rebel Who article will lead me. It may be my first and last sport article published.

I just know that 12 weeks of researching, reading and watching and attending games had lead me to this day.

I am proud of my article but I’m not 100% happy. I suppose you are always your own worst critic. I only wish to keep writing and improving each day and taking every piece of advice/criticism and use it to push myself to my full potential.

Oh my Rebel!

Image: Aubrey Hamlett 'Rebels V Reds'


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  1. Hi Aubrey,

    We’re pleased you were able to get published on The Roar, and also interested to know the backstory behind it.

    You certainly had a fast introduction to our engaged and passionate audience.

    Thanks for being part of The Roar.


    The Roar

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